Bring fun and imagination to your children’s party

Give your child and his or her friends a non-stop rollercoaster ride of stories, smiles, laughter, and amazement by bringing Artie Miller, The “Art” of Magic to your children’s party. Artie has entertained countless children of all ages with his special blend of humor, imagination, and magical wizardry.

Magic shows are an incredible way to spark imagination among children. Through audience participation, every single one of your guests gets a chance to be a part of the act. Artie’s children’s routines include lots of colorful scarves, magic wands, flowers, realistic animal puppets, and even a mechanical elephant. After years of performing, he understands how to hold a young audience’s attention—and even knows how to bring the adults in on the show as well. Your kids will be begging for more and every guest will leave the party with unforgettable memories.

Artie works with parents to plan the perfect style magic show for their children’s party. His performances can be tailored to fit any age group and any size party.